Chapterwise Demo Test

Important Points to Remember:

  1. This is an official ONLINE TEST Series launched by Mudra Life Sciences, Mumbai
  2. These test series are designed as per the recent pattern of exam of CSIR-NET Life Sciences
  3. This test series is based on the syllabus given by CSIR for Life Sciences
  4. Test Series is being conducted in 15 sessions, each session with 3 hours each test series includes:
  5. Students are requested to follow the syllabus thoroughly and prepare sincerely from our study material and try to get maximum score in this test series. If you are not able to finish all the content given, at least make confident that you know some of the concepts in each unit.
  6. Read every question very carefully to know scientific consequence and be aware of any twist or turn which may be part of the question.
  7. Preferably, read the answers (alternatives) first and then the text of the question. This technique will help you to save on time spent per question. When you read the question first then answer, you are bound to go back and read the question again.
  8. Do not assume information which is not given. Remember this warning especially while tackling 'logical reasoning' and 'data analysis' questions.
  9. Do not worry unnecessarily about finishing the paper. Many people may not be able to complete the paper, but your worrying about it will not only cloud your reasoning but it will also break your concentration.
  10. Questions of Part-C are designed to test a candidate's high level authentic knowledge of scientific concepts and/or application of the scientific concepts. The questions shall be of analytical nature where a candidate is expected to apply the scientific knowledge to arrive at the conclusion to the given scientific problem/question.
  11. If you need any support / assistance please contact us through our STUDENT ROOM Page of our website or email us at: query@mudralifesciences.com